A Task Manager for procrastinators

(or anyone who wants to get more done with more ease)

How Marvin is different

Marvin is a task manager that is specifically designed to help you get your tasks done (and not just store them) by incorporating principles from behavioral psychology.

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Plan each day

Store and organize all your tasks and projects in nestable categories in a Master List.

Then pick tasks to create a todo list for each day.

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Amazing Marvin Task Manager

Built in Strategies

There are lots of tricks and strategies out there that can help you be productive and overcome procrastination. But they only work when you use them.

That is why we've baked them right into Marvin.

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Amazing Marvin Timers

Maximum Flexibility

Different things work for different people. Most features and strategies can be turned on/off so you can build a unique productivity system that works for you.

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Amazing Marvin Strategies

We deeply care about helping you achieve your goals and ensuring you feel good about your productivity. Joining the Marvin family gives you access to our helpful community and personal advice from us.

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